Audience Optimization

Spend less money on campaigns underperforming and re-allocate to audiences who want to purchase in real-time.

Programmatic ads have other benefits for your campaigns, such as smart campaign spending. With audience optimization, you can shift budgets and bids in real-time, allowing you to make the most out of every marketing dollar. Your budget will target specific buyers using combined data elements, allowing you to spend marketing budget on audiences who will convert. In other words, you’ll waste less on marketing campaigns that aren’t bringing you conversions.

Here are some of the ways that programmatic platforms optimize your audiences in real-time:

Search Keywords

Contextual Keywords

CRM Data

IP Data


Frequency Capping



Recency Range

Ad Visibility/Ad Position

Elemental Data Overlays

Want to bid on individual elements? You have that option as well. Programmatic platforms allow you to bid on keywords that are specific to the audiences you want to target. This allows you to maximize value, increasing your revenue within a single advertising network.

Our platform helps you track your return through ROAS, cost per conversions, and other KPIs related to your ROI.