Audience Expansion


Programmatic platforms are amazing for lead generation and demand generation campaigns. If you take a look at your CRM data, you should see several data elements, such as user names, addresses, phone numbers, age, etc. However, there may be some key elements that are specific to your CRM, such as where they like to vacation or what car they drive.

You can create audiences based on these data points and set up a “look-alike” or “search-alike” audience to expand and customize your targeting.

In addition, our programmatic platform is able to pinpoint and attribute what data elements led to a successful conversion. This gives our clients more insights into how their audiences think and what they’re looking to buy online.

We can replicate highly successful targeting to create even more look-alike audiences for future segments, which in turn creates highly qualified leads for your sales team and more accurate buyer targeting

Contextual Targeting

Our programmatic platform is the only marketing platform that learns on its own with a classification engine. Our data network can crawl sites, categorizing data based on a variety of factors.

Here are a few of our [platform’s contextual targeting capabilities:

Keyword Contextual: Our platform allows you to create your own categories through keyword lists that you upload. Your unique keywords can define the pages where you want your ad to appear specifically. Wouldn’t that be great for competitor website targeting? Bid, report, and optimize based on each keyword, increasing your campaign’s performance on KPIs you like best.

Category Contextual: Target ads on pages that fall into 300 contextual categories defined by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Gain visibility on how each contextual category is performing and optimize to CTR, CPC, or CPA.

Combined Contextual: Maximize your targeting by targeting only those pages with your selected keywords and also match one of your selected categories. Combination targeting helps match keywords that can have multiple meanings to your audience.